2017 The Other Sale Consignments

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Lot # 10 BLACKIE (UR doe)

A consistent producing Wether Dam, This Fade to Black Doe is is the kind that you can drive the wheels off the truck and never have an opportunity to buy. This one is Big Time, round bodied, big backed, and as attractive as you can build them from the ground up. This kind isn't offered everyday!
One that excites you coming and going with structural correctness. As a BONUS, She is confirmed bred to: AABG NBD BLUE DUCK (10728726) , an Absolute son and is due April 24th. Here is an opportunity buy one bred for the banner. Don't miss This One!

A Big first for Windy Acres to offer a Trump daughter in a Production Sale. This Star studded pedigree reads like Industry Royalty. A big Powerful Yearling Doe that is complete and perfect in every way. No fancy adjectives needed to describe this Female, she speaks volumes for herself. Correct, Open, and Ready to Make your Herd Great with this Trump daughter.
Lot # 45 BELLA 5013 (UR doe)
D.O.B. 2-12-16

WHOA! This Doe is flat wicked! She is that kind that sticks out, great looking, as long as you can make one while remaining complete and with balance, hair like a steer and a touch that will not disappoint. This one is trendy, hard to the touch, big backed and, dare I say, perfect in her loin and rib, her hip and hind leg are ideal and a rump that would make J-Lo Blush. Look - The Search is Over!!! Jump in and cash in on this one!

Big. Bold with lots of volume with this deep centered doe. Eye catching design with the genetic package and solid structure we like. A maternal powerhouse for any breeding program. Never bred - Open and ready to change the forecast on your farm. One teat is questionable for show.
Lot # 64 TST1 WINDY ACRES MADE YOU MINE (10719332)

Sired By the 2016 National Grand Champion Buck; Square Power, this young female is true to form in classy design. Gorgeous breed character and femininity with an elegant body including width, power in complete well balanced form all in a head turning, attention grabbing package. Correct in everyway with a great Future. Like her Sire, She is destined to get better and better. A Win, Win for her New Owner. Open and ready to Make Her Yours.
Lot # 97 JULIE (UR doe)

This Helms Swagger Doe is one that catches your eye as she moves around the pen like a cat. Complete in her design with hard Muscle, a big turn to her rib and balanced with a rump and hip that is an absolute must to get past the Gate Cut. As A BONUS, Julie is confirmed bred to Tommy Milligan's Easy Decision, a Rumor Has it Buck and is due April 30th. Could be a very interesting surprise come April. If your serious about the Jr. Show Industry, here an Opportunity to jump in with both feet.