Windy Acres Boer Goats -
2017 WINNING TRADITIONS Sale Consignments

Sex: Doe | D.O.B. 04/21/2014

Wow! We start the Sale with a one of kind, extremely exciting, hard to find package! This Doe, A Direct Daughter of CNR Pistolero, YEP; that’s not a misprint folks, a direct daughter with an interesting buck kid on her side born 1-26-17. If you’re looking for a total Package doe to put into your program, then this is the one for you! A CNR Pistolero daughter over one of our very best Strategic Power Daughters out of The Dam of the 2016 National Reserve Grand Buck. The Buck kid: TST1 Windy Acres Power Line (10741234) is out of Our and Justin Stuart’s Storm Damage Buck, who is A CSB Ruger Reloaded son and Strategic Power’s Full Sister, Taken By Storm. This pedigree on this Buck alone is as impressive as anything available. He looks so much like his Sire and Grand Dam, at this age its Spooky! If you’re a progressive breeder yearning for a change with a bit of the Old Time Great, mixed in with the Success of the New, take a hard look here look at this exciting package!

LOT #21 - TYE UF #1722
Sex: Doe | D.O.B: 12/16/2016
SIRE: Rolex/Freaky
DAM: General 191 x No Step Ranch Doe

This sweetheart is super intriguing from the stand point of building females that strike your eyes hard while delivering product. This young lady handles with good shape up high, offers lots of width and dimension down low and still balances wonderfully. She is tall fronted, flat chested, and has as much cobra neck extension and femininity about her head that is just plain Freaky. This one begs to be handled with big shape over her rib cage and a wedge shaped loin that ties perfectly into her hip. This doe is fluid in her motion, and visually just blows you away…. & Her Dam is one of Tye’s Very Best Producers. This doe needs to be in Your Donor Pen and paired with that Special FB Buck to produce some great 50% show does to fill those Jr. Trophy Cases

LOT #42 TST1 WINDY ACRES TRUMP’S HIGH SOCIETY (10713035) Sex: Doe | D.O.B. 03/02/2016

This One of a kind Public Offering comes at the requests of many as we have not offered but a few Trump daughters. Sired by my personal favorite Stud, her Star studded pedigree reads like Industry Royalty. A big, Powerful, Yearling Doe that is complete and perfect in every way with loads of volume, capacity and natural expression of muscle. I could talk and talk to describe this Female; however, she speaks volumes for herself. Correct, Open, and Teats, a Perfect 2 x 2, a Great Trump attribute!

LOT #53 - TST1 WINDY ACRES Looking Glass (10719331)
Sex: Doe | D.O.B. 03/30/2016

If you could Look into the Glass and predict the future and that prediction was a doe Sired By the 2016 National Grand Champion Buck; with classy eye appeal, with Gorgeous breed character and femininity, an elegant body including width and power in a complete, well balanced design, all in a head turning, attention grabbing package, then you have found your Looking Glass. Correct in everyway with a great Future, Like her sire Square Power, She is destined to get better and better. As a Bonus and a Win, Win for her New Owner, She is confirmed bred via Ultrasound to TST1 Windy Acres All Trumped Up and is Due 7-18-17! Correct & Teats 2 x 2.

LOT #65 - BGR 320 UD
Sex: Doe | D.O.B: 12/2013

This exciting Female is a big backed, massive doe that is Opened Up in her Upper and Lower Skeleton, but feminine about her neck and head. She is flat through her chest and has a freaky Top with a big, deep, design in her hip and rump to finish off her perfectly proportional moderate frame that is complete and balanced. BONUS!! She was bred 3-27 to Black Market (Rumor Has It x Fade2Black/Bean). We know those kids will be found in Banner Bound Jr. Show Pens or in the Progressive, Breeder Barn. This is a great investment! Correct.

LOT #75 - SGG E205 (10705955) Sex: Doe | D.O.B. 12/20/2015;

SGG E205 aka: Jordalena, is just as pretty and stylish in design as you can make one.  Sired out of the Highly successful BAB4 Program with Status Quo /Maximum Impact paternally and maternally a SGG Gold Program, Big John/Downen Big Time Dam which simply translates to genetic excellence. This young female is structurally correct and complete with as much balance as can be squeezed into one smooth as silk frame. She exudes femininity and breed character about her head and neck which we so admire about this doe. She is Open, Correct and has a few Show points with limited showing. An outstanding investment opportunity for any breeding program.

Sex: Buck | D.O.B: 8/1/2016

Circuit Judge has the goods to propel your market program with an intriguing mating that is stacked genetically with proven wether making banner chasers. He is open in his chest floor and goes away wide, but true. He is correct in his ribcage, square hipped, deep and super Wide loined yet he is still smooth made and attractive in his appearance. He is wide skulled, long necked and masculine in his build, and moderate in terms of frame size and length of body, but this guy balances well, is true in his structure and muscle shape. Let this dude ride into your program and change the verdict.