TST1 Windy Acres Strategic Power **ENNOBLED**
ABGA #10476715
Strategic Power Ennobled, is without a doubt, the Buck that put Windy Acres Boers on the Map. Strategic accumulated over 200 Individual points, is the highest pointed Buck sired by Ennobled Expensive Power Play and was out of our V11 Ennobled Cannon Daughter, “Storm”. Strategic won over 17 Champion Titles, 10 Reserve Titles and 19 Class winnings. Although deceased, Strategic is no stranger in the industry by continuing to produce Champions throughout the country including The 2014 National Grand Doe and  2013 National Reserve Grand Doe and was instrumental in securing The 2014 National Premier Breeder’s Trophy. Although, We miss him deeply, his legacy will live on for years to come.


TST1 Windy Acres Trump **ENNOBLED**
ABGA #10583623
TST1 Trump was owned in Partnership with John Marker of Laverne, OK and was possibly our best Strategic Son that we have produced. Trump was a very complete and balanced, wide framed, clean fronted, big ribbed, with huge bone, stoutest, heaviest muscled buck on the place exhibiting outstanding breed character. He won Both 2015 FT. Worth Stock Shows and The 2015 San Angelo Stock Show and made a huge impact on our herd during his brief lifetime.


TST1 GSR All Trumped Up **ENNOBLED**
ABGA #10700016

The 2017 National Grand Champion Buck

This phenomenal buck owned in Partnership with Sarah Brand at Good Shepard Ranch is the Buck that kept me in the business after losing his Sire, Trump. The Breed Character of this True Stud in terms of masculinity and ruggedness are impressive and are much needed traits in the Industry. We admire the three dimensional design of this guy with bone, base width and natural expression of muscle and one of the growthiest buck we have ever bred. His first set of kids have not only Ennobled him, but have exceeded our expectations and have met our demands to continue to out produce himself phenotypically. We believe this buck is the next great one here at Windy Acres.

TST1 Windy Acres Trump Train
ABGA #10742828
2017 Jr. National Grand Champion Buck
Trump Train owned in Partnership with Sammy Lerena at Red Oak Ranch is sired by The 2017 National Grand Champion Buck TST1 GSR All Trumped Up and exhibits the same Ruggedness and Masculinity as his Sire. We find this Buck fascinating and more extreme in his design and carries as much Natural Expression of muscle in a complete balanced package as any we have produced. We believe he will compliment our herd as well as offer these much desired attributes to the Industry. When you feel the ground shaking and hear the whistle blowing, We invite you to climb aboard this fast moving Train, punch your ticket and see where your next exciting destination will be.

Semen $100/Straw
Live Breeding $500
Flush Fee $1000

TST1 Windy Acres Triple D **ENNOBLED**
ABGA #10606017
Triple D owned in Partnership with Sammy Lerena and Red Oak Ranch was the Overall Reserve National Champion Buck at the 2014 ABGA Nationals. Triple D brings everything we like to the table in terms of balance, completeness, width, Power and Masculinity. Triple D exhibits the breed character,wide rear and correct leg set to be great attributes, along with a Strong Head and lower jaw, that is very much needed in the Industry. His record and accomplishments speak for themselves and I cannot say enough good things about this Outstanding Buck. Look for his progeny to be a big hit in the industry in the coming months whether that be in a commercial or exhibition setting. Triple your herd value and quality by introducing Triple D to your breeding Program.

Semen $100/Straw
Live Cover $500
Flushes $1000
TST1 Windy Acres Dynamic Dimension **ENNOBLED**
ABGA #10569867
Would you like to see Positive, Dynamic changes to your herd and add some of the Hottest Winning Genetics in the Industry? Then look no further, this Buck will introduce Dynamic breeding pieces that will help your herd just as he has helped ours. We retained this buck to add hip and rump shape to our herd and he has worked wonderfully. Dynamic adds breed character, design and is a prolific breeder. His dam is the 2 Time National Pairs winner and His sire produced his half-brother, The 2014 National ABGA Reserve Champion Buck. Dynamic Dimension is very First Ennobled Offspring for his Sire, SGG Next Dimension. DNA Tested.

Semen $100/Straw
Live Cover $500
Flushes $1000
TST1 JSSG Storm Damage
ABGA #10645689
Storm Damage is owned in Partnership with Justin Stuart Show Goats. Storm Damage was produced by duplicating the Circle Star Fabulous Combination of Ruger Reloaded and Taken by Storm, a full sister to Strategic Power. This powerful, super long bodied, correct Buck, in a Flashy package is the answer to to the Industry's question of where to find a sire that will propel a breeding program in a positive direction. We appreciate the three dimensional look of this stud with plenty of leg, muscle shape, width of body and outstanding breed character including a strong head and jaw that is becoming hard to find in today’s herd environment. If your looking to create a Storm that blows away and rains down on the competition, Then Storm Damage is building on the horizon.DNA Tested.

Semen $100/Straw
Live Cover $500
Flushes $1000
TST1 Windy Acres Square Power
ABGA #10674223

2016 ABGA National Grand Champion Windy Acres Square Power was purchased by Bjerke Farms in Mapleton, ND

Square Power (Power multiplied by itself to act, or affect strongly an Industry), Our Game Changer exhibits an unusual phenotype that includes raw power, heavy muscle, exemplary breed character in a long 3 dimensional body, all coupled with a Unique and Exciting Genetic package that includes our baseline genetics that helped accelerate our program.

This is a buck that continued to improve in his performance/growth curve from day one. We are honored to have raised a buck that captured the 2016 ABGA National Grand Champion title and he will be instrumental in our program this year. Let's face it, the industry is full of "Girlie - Boy", Bucks. You see it all the time. If you want to "Pump it Up", with true masculinity, that is rugged yet athletic in a square, predictable, practical, perfect, productive, power package, come on over.

TST1 Windy Acres Jacked Up Power **ENNOBLED**
ABGA #10569878
Jacked up Power is a Direct Strategic Power son out of BOC Surprise who produced The National Reserve Champion Buck in 2014. We retained this Buck for his ruggedness and old school flair. A more traditional Buck in terms of type and kind, Jacked Up exhibits as much bone as any buck that we have ever seen. His female progeny; however have been sleek and eye catching with a futuristic design that appeals to both sides of the Industry. Jack Up the Power in your herd with this beastly Stud.

Semen $100/Straw
Live Cover $500
Flushes $1000

ABGA #10700018

Crasher is a hidden Gem at Windy Acres that was a result of The pairing of the 2014 National Grand Champion Buck ROR1 Fixin to Party over The 2014 National Grand Champion Doe TST1 Windy Acres Precious Jewel. Just a Stout made, Rugged, Masculine headed, block of pure muscle. Set on the back burner because of a Leg injury, he was never shown. This past year after seeing the phenomenal potential of his offspring, He was heavily used in our flush program and we expect him to Crash the industry. As a Bonus He is caped and throws color!