TST1 Prairie Sapphire Ennonbled
"TST1 Prairie Sapphire Ennonbled" is a BulletProof daughter out of our Ennobled V12. Words Cannot describe how great this doe really is..Sapphire is the highest pointed BulletProof Doe in the country and was Ennobled by her first set of kids winning in only their first two shows in the 0-3 month classes. Sapphire is the best doe we ever raised and not only is our favorite, but could be the best Doe to ever walk the face of the earth! Her offspring continue to accumulate points in the Show Ring. We will miss her greatly."
P147 "ENNOBLED" (Audrey)
One of our first Does we bought from Nelson Roach and our very First Doe we Ennobled though off spring alone, P147 "ENNOBLED" (Audrey), a Pistolero daughter is a big, wide based, long bodied, heavy boned, heavy muscled, capricious kind of doe. She is our premier Foundation Doe that set our herd apart from the ordinary when we outcrossed a Flush with RRD R898 Cannon. The Kids that come from that Flush continue to excel in production and in the show ring. Jackie Edwards commented, " When you get a flush that good, don't ever stop". She will forever be the pride and the early building block for superior goats at Windy Acres Boers
Ennobled TST1 V12
"Ennobled TST1 V12 " My Doe"  is a Cannon daughter out of our Ennobled P147 "Audrey" and our Third doe to pick up her Ennoblement Award at the 2009 Nationals.. She has produced more Champion Offspring than any other Doe on The Place and She is currently our highest pointed doe. We expect to see a continued Great Future for her in our Breeding Program
TST1 V11 "Ennobled" (Prairie Storm)
TST1 V11 "Ennobled" (Prairie Storm) known as one of the "Cannon Girls", is a daughter of CNR P147 "Ennobled"(Audrey) and RRD 898 "Ennobled" Cannon. Storm consistently produces quality in the "Blue" Kids as demonstrated by Impressive Show Ring results. We are pleased to announce that "Storm" is our First, Born & Bred, Windy Acres "Ennobled" Doe.
TST1 Taken By Storm Ennobled
TST1 Taken By Storm Ennobled, Born 9-15-09 is sired by Eggspensive PowerPlay out of our Ennobled TST1 V11 "Storm". This doe is one of the best PowerPlay does we have seen and has everything we look for: style, grace, elegance, and power all on on a wide based, super feminine, level topped, long bodied frame. She was successful at 2009 Nationals and her offspring had a Great 2011 and bringing home 2 National Grand Champion Banners and part of a 3rd National Grand Champion Banner as well. She is a superb building block in our breeding program.
Windy Acres She Bam V48
Windy Acres She Bam V48 is a beautiful RRD R898 Cannon Daughter. She Bam and her Brother Caliber have accumulated enough points to Ennoble their Dam JMD She Bang.
KTM Little Miss Thang
KTM Little Miss Thang, she is out of Splash of Classic and a Fowler Ennobled Doe has passed Visual Inspection and we believe will add an important piece to the puzzle in the development of dual purpose/combination breeding and meat goat winners