Windy Acres Boer Goats always has quality replacement does and bucks available.  Our boer goat herd has generations of proven genetics that will ensure they will produce quality offspring.  We often have show caliber does and bucks for sale private treaty and we consign quality goats to a number of boer goat sales throughout the country each year.  Please contact us for more information on what we currently have available.

11th Annual Labor Day Sale

September 5, 2020
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Annual Labor Day Classic Sale 2020 Lots:

Lot # 12
DOB: 03/27/2019

Labor Day Classic - Sept. 5 Online 7am-7Pm @

Tameka a 25% Composite Doe is Loaded with market winning genetics and has the goods to Boot. Out of our Knockout Buck a Blurred Vision Grandson and her Dam C4CG 1953, who won her Wether Dam Class at NAILE and should have went All the way. Her Dam's Sire is Superman, (Fowler 2009 x 191 Daughter) and Dam's Dam is a Mock Bred Doe. Only The Serious breeder need apply here by Knocking Out the Competition with this Knockout Market Goat designed animal. Reproductively untouched,She is Correct and ready to be put into production ASAP!

Lot # 22

Labor Day Classic - Sept. 5 Online 7am-7Pm @

Cliche' and over used as it may be, this Young Belle is seriously one we should be keeping. Sired by Blowin Smoke our farm outcross and game changer who never lost a class during his Texas Major's Spring run and JSSG Bedazzled which I think was one of the very best to come out of Roby, Texas. Maternally you find one of the stoutest maternal lines we ever produced. Hard to find and bred in the Purple, Dazzle up your herd with this Young, Texas Belle. Correct and 2 x 2

Lot # 33

EVR1 SANCHO (10825286)
DOB: 05/01/2019

Labor Day Classic - Sept. 5 Online 7am-7Pm @

Right outside your window looking in, is "Sancho", The one you've been looking for ,but just can't find. Elusive and just out of sight, knowing He is there, but just out of reach. A dream find for sure with bone, breed character and genuine muscle that would make Arnold blush. The progressive breeder tired and weary of looking for a fit, a real deal to advance a program forward leaps and bounds with color can now be found. Don't settle for the Ordinary with a backyard wanna Be, the time is now and time is ticking away, capture "Sancho" while you can. Show Correct.

Lot # 40


Labor Day Classic - Sept. 5 Online 7am-7Pm @

We cracked open the tank and reached deep to bring together one of our most exciting pairings in several years, a Direct Daughter of Strategic Power and the 1st paint ever born here on the farm from one our most famous Sires. Maternally, a solid Red Powell-Holman bred doe with WT Willie, a Smokin Hot Ruger son on top to complete this award winning recipe. Befitting the name "Painted Power", she brings raw power in a extreme feminine design exuding over the top breed character, sure enough an eye catcher. Paint up your Wagon and bring home the Power. Show Correct Teats 2 x 2.

Lot # 50

DOB: 09/14/2019

Labor Day Classic - Sept. 5 Online 7am-7Pm @

A Full Sib to NGC-17 All Trumped UP, Trumpette is an amazing doe and the last of that Powerful Line we were able to put together and The only remaining Trump daughter at the Farm. She came to us after Good Shepard dispersed to harvest embryos and agreed to sell her in one of our Fall sales to assist in facilitating the dispersal. We were not successful in our flush's while she was here at our farm.

Lot # 67

DOB: 03/24/2020

Labor Day Classic - Sept. 5 Online 7am-7Pm @

How difficult is it to make a Blackheaded Fullblood Doe, Have you tried?? One that can compete, is correct has femininity, breed character, bone and Muscle. We have been in R&D for 3 years now preparing and developing the right tools that pair up to complete that task and Midnight Belle is a great example of our direction to create. The work is done, our Rewards are yours, The Midnight Hour is now, The Offspring of Midnight Train you wanted is Here, Tag that Belle and bring her Home. She is correct.

Lot # 79

DOB: 03/05/18

Labor Day Classic - Sept. 5 Online 7am-7Pm @

This True Blonde is a Full sib to our highest selling doe last March and a 1/2 sister to the high seller in California this month all sired by Trump Train the 2017 NGC Jr. Buck. She comes to you Confirmed bred to Party Crasher, a product of pairing Both the 2014 NGC Buck and Doe. Due Halloween 2020, I expect an Atomic Charged Pair of Kids to Treat your farm. No Tricks Here, All Correct & All So Good.